why do doctors need a website

Reason why your medical practice need website in 2023:

When we speak to  hundreds of doctor from various  specialties, we found that most of them have some common misconception  about online presence and that’s what We’re going to mention today about Why do Doctors need a Website.

Many of the doctors told us that they have registered their practice on Practo library, Just Dial  and many such platforms.

When we asked them about their own website they were like’ why do I need a website when I’m already there on so many platforms’ and if you too think  the same then read this full article.

Somewhere between 2004 to 2008 there was a very popular social networking site. we are sure you must have already guessed the name yes it’s orkut.

It was the trending social media website of that time, but when the Facebook comes into game  it slowly started losing its  status and Google finally closed it in 2014.

Many listing platform like Yellow Pages where one could list their practice, hospital or any other business but unfortunately they too did not do well and had to shut down.

We’re sure you must be wondering why we’re mentioning this to you. Okay let’s discuss.Why do Doctors need a Website

3 reasons why you shouldn’t rely totally on Practo library, Just-dial or any similar platforms:

Today there are many social media sites and thousands of business listing websites, you can have your practice registered on most of these websites,

But remember these are third party platforms.

You don’t have complete control over them; you don’t own those pages or profiles like Orkut.

Any platform can lose its popularity & we don’t think it’s good idea to rely on these platforms completely and risk your online presence.

  • Most of these platforms are paid early and are subscriptions based.

Now just think what if someday you face problems such as increased subscription charges, data security issues or any other problem and you decide to unsubscribe.

Then what about your online presence, how will the patients find you, just think about it.

  • Most platforms have priority listening options where one can pay the premium and appear on the top of the list.
Now the problem here is that even if patients are searching specifically for you with your name, still the doctors who have enrolled for trial a listing will appear first in the list creating unnecessary cross competition.

Some of you might have subscribed for such services just think what if somebody else is ready to pay more than you, if this happens what about  your online reputation, this is all the concern Why Doctors must need a Website

We’re not asking you to stop using these platforms or unsubscribe them.

Our only concern is do not let these third-party tools control your online reputation completely and the only solution for this is to have your own virtual sign board that is your own medical practice website.

Not only you have complete control over it but also you don’t have to rely on anybody else for your own online reputation.

The Internet is  huge, however most of those websites initially made get  almost no visitors remember as much important it is to have a website, even more important is to make it in right way so that it serves the purpose, otherwise you will end up having a namesake website.

 There are few top factors; Why do Doctors need a Website;

most doctors have poor online reputation:

  • As a doctor you are best in your clinical skills probably you might be best in treating the most complex case but when it comes to technical. Know-how about building online reputation.
  • Most doctors know nothing and you fail to communicate clearly about your requirements to the agency and the end result is not satisfactory.
  • Many digital agencies are technically sound but very few of  them have the understanding of your  medical specialty most of them fail to  understand what exactly your practice needs,
  • This communication gap between the  doctors and the digital marketing  agencies can land you in frustration and  you may start feeling that it’s a waste  of time, energy and money.
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