Digital Marketing Strategy for dentists

Digital marketing strategy for dentists in 2023 is what puts you at the top of Google search engine  results and that’s where people are looking when they’re trying to find a new dentist for a dental treatment.

For decades, most doctors and dentists have gotten by without investing much money in Digital Marketing Strategy advertising on marketing their practices. In fact, most doctors avoided advertising so they wouldn’t be seen as “desperate” or “hunting for patients”.

Why that should be matters  to you and to  your dental practice, maybe  you’ve heard this term ‘ digital  footprint’ usually this is actually a kind of thing  connecting to all of the posts and tweets and things that  you as an individual have shared on the  Internet .

Today, few dentists have a website, but the concept of marketing is still new. There are many dentist out there who question whether or not they need a website and many who don’t think it’s an important part of their business

But as a business your Digital Marketing strategy and your digital footprint is actually really important and can be a very positive thing in today’s culture.  Everything is connected via the internet, your website, social media posts, all the videos you create and share, all of these things matters in creating the size of your digital footprint.

 If your digital footprint is really small, like you’ve written may be one dental blog and you’ve never thought about a dental video and your own dental website. Well,  then the practice down falls the street that has a really big  digital footprint like they have their own website,  lots of  videos ,and  their website is incredible,  they’re always writing dental blogs, this is  going to be taking a lot of the  potential patients that you’re looking  for, the size of your digital footprint  can drive new patient leads to your  practice.

It drives curiosity  around your practice, if your dental  practice isn’t marketed through a strong  website or  social media marketing plan &  if you’re not using things like info graphics or video well then you’re  going to fall behind the other dental  practices.

When it comes to  Digital Marketing Strategy for Dentists for digital footprint keep in mind that reviews are really important because  around 67 percent of people have said  that online reviews affect a purchasing  decision and over 8 percent of  people have said that an online review  is just as important as information  coming from a family member or a friend .

 On top of all this around 74 percent of people have said that positive reviews have impacted their decisions.

 A well written review on your website from a patient of your dental practice can impact a lot of people who are visiting your website daily and helps making them a decision before taking an appointment from  you.

When working with a local  business these reviews connect your digital footprint because it talks about  where that  footprint came from and if  those reviews are positive then you’re  going to have a lot of people visiting your  practice but if you have a small digital  footprint and very few reviews then  you’re not as interesting to people then  the place with a really large footprint  and a lot of positive reviews .

 When it comes to Digital Marketing Strategy for Dentists these are the forms of content you should be thinking about for your dental practice: stuff such as blogs, video, service pages, on-site and off-site SEO implementation in a mobile-friendly website.

 Simply put  the more digital content you create for  your dental practice means that you’ll  be more visible and the more visible you are that will result in more potential  patient leads.

Digital Marketing Strategy for dentists

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